Saturday, 22 October 2011


It's a beautiful day here in the Vale; bright and sunny, but with a good wind - first line of washing is hung out; supplies for the beasties have been bought and stowed, the rest of the weekend is mine, but I will have to spend it catching up on the house. Most of last weekw as taken up with organising then running the shop opening event int he village - it went very, very well, everyone had a great time, so was worth it in the end! However, house in a real state, even moreso than usual.
One of the jobs I'm looking forward to doing this afternoon is getting the store room back to my sort of order. When I left, ex OH took it over and most of my emergency supply stuff had  either gone with me or been shifted or rearranged - I desperately need it in good order so I can see what I have for the coming winter/foreseeable future. I have stocked up on bread flour and yeast; I remember last winter when the shelves were bare of ready made bread eerywhere, the home baking shelves were very depleted too. I didn't run out of anything then, and I won't this year, but stocks in the store room are peace of mind. I want to get back to my 3 months of stores - just in case. Better a plan and no disaster than a disaster and no plan.
I have lots more fruit to process too - pears and apples, and it's almost time for the medlars - another frost and I reckon I'll be harvesting them too.
Also  need to catch up ont he laundry, and set to to give the whole house a deep clean, and get the sitting room ready for the winter - winter curtains hung, woodburner cleaned up  and dusted off, stuff mvoed and sorted so it's cosy for the evenings.
Better get moving then. After tea ofcourse............ :)


Mum said...

'So much to do, if I only had time, if I only had time.' I think a cuppa sounds good to me aswell.
Love from Mum

Calendula Sue said...

Your post reminded me of a quote I thought I'd read in a book earlier in the day, I couldn't remember it so went back through the book looking for it, couldn't find it. Still not found it but remembered it this morning lol.
By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Benjamin Franklin