Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Musing on a  Curlywurly - like you do - I had a look to see when they were 'invented' - much longer ago than I thought too.
Found this, which is interesting lol (

20th Century Sweets

In 1903 the ice cream cone was invented. Choc-ices went on sale in the USA in 1921. Meanwhile bubble gum was invented in 1906 (although it wasn't actually sold until 1928) and the first lollipops were sold about 1908. In 1922 ice cream was sold in the street for the first time from tricylces with a box on front. Sales of ice cream boomed in the 1930s.

Also in the early 20th century manufacturers began to use peppermint to flavour sweets. They also added sherbet to sweets.

Many new kinds of sweets were introduced in the 20th century. Dairy Milk was introduced in 1905. Toblerone followed it in 1908. Later came Flake (1920), Fruit and Nut (1921), Milky Way (1923 in the USA 1935 in Britain), Crunchie (1929), Snickers and Freddo (1930), Mars Bar (1932), Whole Nut (1933), Aero and Kit Kat (1935), Maltesers and Blue Riband (1936) and Smarties, Rolo and Milky Bar (1937). Later came Polo mints (1948), Bounty (1951), Munchies (1957), Picnic and Galaxy (1958), Caramac (1959), Topic (1962) Toffee Crisp (1963), Twix (1967), Curly wurly (1971), Yorkie, Double Decker and Lion Bar (1976) and Wispa (1983). Amazin Raisin bars went on sale in 1971 but they stopped making them in 1978.

Meanwhile jelly babies were invented in 1918 and the ice-lolly was invented in 1923. Black Jacks have been sold since the 1920s. Lovehearts were first made in 1933. Starburst was invented in 1960 and Spangles were sold from 1948 to 1984. Chewits were introduced in 1965. Skittles were first made in 1974.

Walnut Whip was first sold in 1910. Furthermore boxes of chocolates were introduced. Milk Tray dates from 1915. Terry's Chocolate Orange and All Gold were introduced in 1932. Black Magic was introduced in 1933. Dairy Box and Quality Street came in 1936. Cadbury's Roses date from 1938. After Eight dates from 1962.

The first ready salted crisps were sold in 1960. Flavoured crisps followed in 1962.

In Britain sweets and chocolate were rationed from 1942 to 1953. 5 February 1953 was a day of rejoicing for children!


MelMel said...

I love sherbert lemons!

I'm about to sit down with a cup of tea and a freddo frog chocolate bar!


Blue Shed Thinking said...

When I was a child, my aunt & uncle ras a newsagents and sweetshop, and when I visited, I had the run of the shop at closing time. I got to try anything new, and got given copies of old editions of comics. But my favourite treat was the hot salted roasted peanuts. They were sold by the scoopful for an old penny in the slot, but my then tiny hands could trip the mechanism and get a small portion for free.

mrsnesbitt said...

I LOVE wine gums as I am allergic to chocolate - strange yet so true. Dxx

Leanne said...

didnt you just love lemonade spangles!! another favourite (I dont know if they are still made) was callard and bowsers creamline toffees!

Leanne x

Sue xx said...

he he My pal just brought 2 CurlyWurlies back from the UK for us lol She claims they are much better than the Aussie version.
I lived on Mint Imperials and mint licorice allsorts as a kid...prolly why I have no top teeth now lol