Friday, 2 December 2011

Frugal Friday

Another Friday rolls around :) Went shopping at the tip again, came home with this little haul:

Here we have a brand new and unused Spong mincer ( I know, but I'll add it to the collection lol) a vintage chip cutter - I had one a while back, but it broke and I hardly ever used it; however, I have an experiment coming up with homemade oven chips, so thought this would ensure uniform chips for that lol). The contraption at the front is a pasta machine. I have one, but it only does straigh sheets, would have to buy attachments for it; this one does three types as it is, so it came home with me, very little used and good quality. Just checked it on the net, seems to be over £60 for that. Total for all 3?  £2.00, thankyou very much :)

Frugal Friday's supper was home made chicken curry, loosely based on HFW's murgh makhani. Chicken was £9.00, fed three adults, with enough for another meal for three, plus the stock from the carcas, served with brown rice. Washed down with half price Montana wine, followed by homebrew.

Big satisfied smile :)

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