Monday, 12 December 2011


I feel a bit like this !  lol

Not been too good here for a few days, hene the lack of posts; cough and cold are proving difficult to clear, and things have mounted up 'to be done'. Have made great headroads into soting stuff out though, almost at the last of it now, all sorted and boxed up and stored/ready fro storing, but easily accessible for my craft bits and bobs. Next job is to thoroughly clean the sitting room and get the woodburner lit - it's verycold here by Dorset standards, might even need socks!! It's bright enough out there,  but cold. We've only had a couple of frosts so far, need some more to do the job properly in the garde; not that much rain either, Funny old winter so far.
Tomorrow, I will feel like this:


MelMel said...

You poor dear!
I had the dreaded cough for 5 weeks......then it went, only to now be replaced by extreme tiredness and an aching body!
So annoying...managed to VVVeerryyy slowly put up the Christams decs took me ages!
But it looks nice now!

Hope you get much better soon...all this cold weather is just not

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Aww ya haven't changed a bit! Taller maybe....... :D