Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Apologies for not being around for a while; illness has taken its toll, have had a couple of days in bed, almost unheard of for me, and my voice is dodgy to say the least.
I'm on the mend however,  breathing has eased, and cough is lessening by the day, even got a bit of sleep last night too, but physically wrung out feeling persists. Stuff still needs to be done though, but am taking it easy and doing things slowly, so will be back to normal soon - think I miss  being able to sing the most lol
Lots planned to be getting on with - knitting (ofcourse), sewing, decorating and gardening; planns for writing and recipes, cooking and de-cluttering, spring cleaning,  general changing things around in  the New Year type things.
I haven't made resolutions as such, just carrying on with what I do, but a bit more of it and try to keep on top of things better.
I hope you all had a lovely time over the festive season, how ever you chose to celebrate or not, and I wish you all a great year to come, hoping it brings you everything you wish for and more :)


Debbie said...

Happy New Year to you, I hope you are soon feeling completely well again.
Best wishes

Simone said...

Hope you are soon well again. Happy New Year!

sue15cat said...

Happy New Year, I hope you are soon feeling much better.

Sue xx

Mrs M said...

Happy new year and get well very soon, but enjoy a rest while you can.