Monday, 16 January 2012

Outraged of Dorset here..............

- really I am, this time. I picked up this link on Facebook:

(sorry it's so long, I can't do the wee version yet lol)

I am glad that the 'confidential'letter was leaked, it just shows our 'government' in its true light. How can anyone with half an ounce of compassion even suggest this? Never mind the fact that it would be taxpayer's money paying for it.............
I'm sure the country's morale would be better boosted by using the money (and the rest) for feeding those who are hungry, providing beds for those who have none, helping the ill, the old, the lonely, those who need help. I realise that at this stage it's just a suggestion, but to even suggest this just shows how completely out of touch these people are with the real world.
A friend on FB responded by saying that the revenue the ship would bring inthrough tourism, corporate hire  etc would  exceed the cost - but surely the days of such extravagances should be over?
Some people really need to wake  up and face up to what is *really* facing our world and the people in it.

Sometimes I just despair and it makes me want to withdraw into my own world, but the compassion within me wants to make me stand up andfight for all the injustices and wrong doings done to those who need help.

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