Sunday, 8 January 2012

Poem for an exhaustive Sunday............

On Being a Domestic Goddess

I've washed the dishes, dried the dishes,

Put them all away.

I've tidied up and hoovered,

And kept the dust at bay.

My laundry's done, the ironing too,

With strength that I could muster,

The teatowels, sheets and pillow slips,

I even ironed the duster.

The toilet gleams, the sink as well,

The bath is shiny white;

The bath mat neatened nice and straight

Until it looks just right.

The stairs are clean, there's not a mark

Upon the wooden treads,

I dusted all the corners

When I went and changed the beds.

There's a line of flapping washing

Hanging smartly on the line,

The dog's walked, cat fed, chickens too,

And it's only half past nine.

There's a tray of fresh-baked fairy cakes,

And seven loaves of bread,

Fourteen jars of home made jam,

To keep them all well-fed.

A pot of boiling home-made soup

That bubbles on the Aga,

I don't see why domestic bliss

Should always be a saga.

All my hems are taken up and

All my socks are mended,

All my buttons sewn on tight,

Any less and I'm offended.

Half past three, a cup of tea,

And dinner's on the go.

Potatoes, carrots, peas and kale

-I grow my own, you know.

Family back by half past five,

And happy smiling faces,

Sitting round the table,

In all their rightful places.

Dinner done, more dishes washed,

It's really never ending.

I sit down in my comfy chair

And finish off the mending.

I knit and sew and cook and bake,

I don’t have time for telly;

You'll find me in the kitchen

Making wine and apple jelly.

And later on, a nice hot bath

To ease my aches and pains,

I'll get up in the morning, smile,

And do it all again.

I'm dedicated, strong and calm,

While under such duress,

I'm organised and punctual,

I've never heard of stress.

For I am woman, brave and staunch,

And never could be less;

I live my life for hearth and home

-A true Domestic Goddess.

Ofcourse it's me, as you well know!

But you'll be glad to find

That this Domestic Goddess

Exists purely in my mind!


Fran said...

Thank goodness for that, I was being to feel exhausted for you!! Great poem though x

Campfire said...

I was beginning to think you were perfect! And twee! Thank goodness it was only a dream!