Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Book bargain

I had these delivered today :) 
A full set of all 12 self sufficiency books - Grow Your Own, Herbs and Spices, Household Cleaning, Spinning, Dyeing and weaving, Beekeeping, Cheesemaking, Foraging, Hen Keeping, HomeBrewing, Natural Remedies, Preserving, Soap Making.
I already have the Foraging one, which I paid full price for something like £6.96/£7 odd if I recall correctly. The full retail price would have been an astonishing £ 95.88 had I bought them individually.

A very worthwhile investment for the £15  The Book People were offering them for, couldn't resist!  To celebrate such a bargain, I also invested in a quilting book and a knitting book - total bill, inc p&p was £26.98.

Wonderful. :)

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