Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Grandmothers and eggs..................

I was talking earlier to a friend about my maternal grandmother and what a formidable woman she was. It reminded me that I was going to write a short post about my granny and eggs. A good while back now I was reading a book, American, about cooking/homesteading/baking type things, during the Great Depression. In it, it described how the woman, when cooking, would wipe around inside both halves of a broken eggshell to extract very last drop of egg white from it so as not to waste any of  it. Immediately into my  mind's eye came an image of my granny doing the exact same thing; could picture her in her wee, long kitchen in her cottage, pinny on and tied around, her crooked forefinger wiping out the egg white into the baking bowl. Have never forgotten that, although it seems to have been buried for a while. I now do the same :)

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Writing from the Edge said...

I do the same too! There is always a bit that doesn't come out on it's own. How funny. I then bake my eggshells (well, they sit in a pan in the bottom of the oven) and crush them up and give them to the hens who gobble them up. The ultimate form of recycling, really!

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