Monday, 2 April 2012

The delights of early April

So good to be well enough to go out in the garden again :)  I've been up to see the animals, taking the dog with me; checked the greenhouse to see how things are after last week's first of the seed sowing - the beans are  on the move already lol, and the kiwi vine is looking in great health. Lots of tomato seedlings as usual, and I'll do some more seeds this week. It's lovely and warm in there, I could sit for hours just watching things and listening to the birds.
The blossom on the fruit trees is stupendous here this spring; I thought the Merryweather damson was on its last legs last spring, with only a handful of blossom and half a dozen fruit - it's smothered in creamy white flowers right now, as are the other plums and the blackthorn. It's really pretty against the blue of an early spring sky. My little cherry tree is covered too, in a delicate pink - I might even get a coule of cherries this year!
I picked the first of the rhubarb, and I'll have that tonight,  simply stewed with the juice of an orange and some real custard - the best way to serve such a delicate first picking.

I picked a few tiny flowers too, to sit on the table by me as I work - epimedium, oxlip, a tiny spike of damson blossom and the beautiful viola labradorics - an exquisite little plant with almost black leaves, one of my spring favourites. This plant is actually still in a pot from when I bought it last year, down at the tip - how could anyone get rid of such a beauty?

The colours of spring :)


Writing from the Edge said...

Delights indeed. Like you, it doesn't take much to make me happy. Blossom and bird song. Not many flowers on my plums this year.

Down by the sea said...

I picked our first rhurbarb yesterday it was such a treat.

Anonymous said...