Monday, 9 April 2012

Use it up Monday

Doing weekly shopping on a Tuesday evening, I tend to go through the fridge on a Monday and see if there's anything that 'needs used up'. There isn't always, but if there is, I've found that pasta is the most useful vehicle in these circumstances. Commonly known as 'pasta with bits' in our house lol
This is what we're having tonight. One large packet (5 for supper tonight) of  18p pasta twists will feed 5 comfortably; I cook the pasta first, then divide it up into oven dishes according to who will eat/likes/dislikes the various 'bits' destined for them. Tonight's bits - cooked peas, mushrooms, small piece of toro red pepper, oddments of tapenade, half a tin of chopped tomatoes, small onions, remnants of chicken and pheasant.  Bean is vegetarian, but doesn't like mushrooms; S (bf) doesn't like the tapenade, onions, pepper  and mushrooms; the other three of us like all of it - and everyone got their share of the leftover cooked peas lol.
Sounds complicated, but once the pasta is cooked, divided into three oven dishes - two of one portion each  for Bean and bf, and  the one for the 3 of us in one big dish. Then portion out the bits according to  taste, then when all added, add a splash of cooking wine, give everything a good stir around, top with grated cheese (use up ends and bits from cheese box in fridge as well) and into the oven until hot through and cheese golden and melted, about half an hour while I sit down with a glass of something.
Cheap and easy, using it up - that's what we like :)

If only it were so easy with knitting wool.................   ;)    lol

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Quirky Apple said...

Great idea, I sort of did that aswell today. We had bits and pieces in fridge and freezer and I ended up making ratatouille, veg chilli, veg soup, thai green fish curry and sweet potato wedges. Some is going in the freezer for work lunches. We've had lunch and dinner is baked potatoe with ratatouille. And everyone else in the house said there was nothing to eat, blah.