Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Annual (or so) tree audit

Every year I go around the garden and have a good look at the trees I've planted since I've been here (almost 15 years now); check them over, make sure they're ok, note the species - purely out of interest. I have planted 11 in the front garden and 73 in the back garden , giving a total of 84 altogether. In addition, there are elders, lilacs, hazels and a hawthorn which were here when I moved in.  I also had a small variegated holly and a magnlia  awaiting planting when I find a spot for them. Sadly, I lost my davidia again over the winter - that's twice I've tried, not sure whether to have another go or not.

This is the list as of today:

Back garden

buddleias x 6
mirabelle plum
blackthorn x 2
snake bark maple
Victoria plum
Egremento russet apple
contorted willow x 2
ornamental cherry
hazel x 9
Scots pine
crab apple John Downie
damson Merryweather
apple Bramley seedling
sugar maple
crab apple Wisley
crab apple Aldenhamensis
cherry Stella
unkown apple from core/pip - appeared
apple Bardsey Island
perry pear
apple Devonshire Quarrenden
field maple
silver birch x 5
ash x 5
horse chestnut x 2 (1 red, 1 white)
oak x 2
apple - Winter Queening
tulip tree
holm oak
cider aplles x 3 - Yarlington Mill, slack ma girdle and sops in wine

front garden

Guelder rose
black leaved elder
white berried elder
Judas tree
buddleia x 4

That's a lot of trees!  lol


Kadeeae said...

A lot of trees, yes! lol More than a tad envious here.

Down by the sea said...

That is an amazing number of trees, it must take some beating, how do you fit them all in?

Janice said...

You must have a huge backyard. Do you live in the shed or a house? I'm a little confused as you wrote at one time about moving into the shed but now you talk about living in a house.

MrsL said...

I have a big back garden yes lol It's 160 ft and the front garden is 50 ft x 40ft. The smaller few trees thatwere here were planted around the boundary lines, os therewas plenty of scope for breaking up the garden into areas with trees.
Last year teh plan was to move into my little off-grid cabin but things have changed since then re my ex and domestic matters, and I've been advised to actually stay in the house rather than move out, even into the cabin. However, the renovation of the cabin is still going ahead, and it will be a liveable space and studio hopefully by the end of this year. I have all the bits to start it off, just need to get them up there and installed!
There 's little room left for more trees, apart from maybe being able to squeeze in a sweet chestnut, which is the one I feel is missing lol We will see :)