Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I've got......................

............ SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!  It's a beautiful morning out there at last. The first of the buddleias is out, and is covered with honey bees - lovely to watch. Hope to get some fruit picked later and to sit out in the sun, for half an hour with a cup of tea, got to make the most of it! Tidying and dishes can wait I think :)

To add to the general happier feeling, I started a bit of colourful crochet last night

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karen jane said...

Hi I have been trying to comment over the last few days but the 'type the 2 words' thing has been impossible to read and if you ask it to talk it is just gobbldy goop.......thought you need to know, they are however more legeble today (sorry rubbish speller) so I am giving it another go...just to say; love the crochet cover!!