Friday, 14 September 2012

Frugal Friday - of wool and woolly things

I have a large (by most folks' standards anyway) stash of knitting wool. I buy for myself and for my knitting business, to swap, to barter - for knitting, crochet, weaving, all sorts. The vast majority, if not all of it, has been bought cheaply or dertainly not full price; if it was full price, it was probably a present or similar. I hunt out wool wherever I go, and have been successful at jumble sales, the tip, charity shops, online swaps, friends' donations, and good old e-bay ofcourse. Just recetnly, e-bay has been a source of unimaginable woolly joy for me, with a few pounds to spare I've been haunting the craft section several times a day. There is some lovely wool available there, and one of the joys of my life is vintage pure wool; was lucky enough to win these this week:

They've been sitting out for admiration and sighing over - both lots for under £10 inc p&p, bargain :)
Will be put away until the right order or project comes along that will do it justice.
I also use the old tried and tested methods - pulling back, washing and rewinding useful wool from jumpers and other garments, crocheting up real oddments into blankets and striped things, knitted blanket squares, gloves and stripey scarves.
Needles and other equipment can be got cheaply form charity shops or from friends/relations. Same with aptterns. I'm happy to spend about £5 on a knitting magazine if there are several good patterns in it - individula new patterns are a god £2 - £3 these days, so a magazineful represents good value to me really.
For all its current trendiness, it needn't be an expensive undertaking if you think and plan ahead, with the odd impulse purchase thrown in for good meaure ofcourse!

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Vivianne said...

I actually have a couple of Beehive patterns somewhere :-)