Monday, 17 September 2012

Tablecloth imminent!

I couldn't resist this lovely cheerful fabric, so it's destined to soon become a tablecloth, and because I'm fairly sure I bought too much, I hope to get some matching napkins too :) 



Anonymous said...

Where oh where did you get that fabric? Hansons?

Would love to make a tablecloth for daughter in love.


MrsL said...

I bought it off e-bay from a seller called 'millysewsweet' -
£4.99 per m, £1.95 p&p; there are other colurways available I think, but I always like green/pink/red :)


B'ham said...

Roses- teapots- AND polka dots !?!
It doesn't get better than that !!

Stephen Andrew said...

Oh that is so cute. You and I must be on the same autumn nesting wavelength. I've been making new tablecloths, pillows, throws, I even upholstered my writing desk! haha. I think your blog is charming.