Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sometimes you just have to go for it.............

- and suffer the consequences later! I wrote about this on  my Knitten blog the other day, the beautiful Shetland wool kits from the Shetland Heritage Shop

The kit arrived this afternoon - speedy delivery -  was only sent off from Shetland yesterday,  yet managed to arrive in perfect condition just before 2pm this afternoon. Can't beat that at all.
This is it:

Inside the box:

Nice clear pattern, with good large graphs for the Fair Isle itself:

The colours of the wool are exceptional and very beautiful - madder, indigo. auld gold and fluggy white - who could resist knitting anything at all with a wool that goes by the name of fluggy white?

So for your money you get a beautifully presented kit comprising of this very special wool, a set of top quality needles, instructions and pattern and a very pretty calico bag to keep your project in. Not only are you buying a knitting kit though;  you are buying a little piece of  history encapsulating a huge amount of knowledge and skill gleaned from over many years, helping to keep a vitally important Scottish craft alive,  and supporting a rural business in these hard times.  All for £30.95 including the PandP. When you factor it all in, I personally think that's a real bargain.
However, temptation is strong, and I am well known for my woolly weaknesses in the traditional Scottish knitting department. The other three kits in the series should be arriving at the beginning of next week. I hope I can do them justice.

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