Friday, 23 November 2012

Frugal Friday flamingo

I am in the process of re-decorating my wee bedroom; walls are painted, I have new curtains to put up, a new beside lamp and a couple of nice pieces of furniture to put in. It's all been done fairly cheaply so far, under £100 including Fired Earth paint - don;t usually buy anything that pricey, but the colour (duck egg blue and it really is ) was exactly the one I wanted. New bedding was from e-bay, so that was reasonable too. When Bean is home from university I want her to be comfortable in there too, and warm , so have opted for lined curtains. They need shortening, so will have left over fabric for cushions etc I hope, maybe incorporate it into a patchwork project of some sort.
A good few years ago now i bought an Indian cotton rag rug at the tip, aka recycling centre, for a few pennies; it's done well but is looking very jaded now, so instead of buying new, I invest  another£3.99 in a pack of machine dye to brighten it up - which it will, being  bright flamingo pink!  I think it will add a lovely splash of colour with the blue walls and dark floorboards. A nice crochet blanket is about to be started too, and I'll buy a couple of plants for the windowsill as someone managed to kill my wee rubber plant (that takes some doing!)
Will take a pic when the room is done.

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