Friday, 16 November 2012

Winter celebrations

I no longer 'do' the whole Christmas  thing here now; the children are grown and I have little interest in the religious parts of Christmas to be honest. Each to their own,and everyone celebrate or not as to their interests and  wishes is how I look at it. We have instead a feast on the winter Solstice night. Today I got my copy of the December Country Living magazine and it has inspired me to make more of actually decorating the house for the winter season - I usually have the greenery and lots of it, but due to illness and circumstance last year, not much was done. This year will be different, and I there are a lot of things I would like to make, but non-traditional Christmas things that reflect the winter and teh winter solstce, the gifts of Mother Nature at this time of year - that sort of thing. Am fired up with enthusiasm, and longing to get started, but it's a wee bit early I feel!  I think a large-leafed notebook will help here,for putting pictures and inspiring bits an dpieces in - like a storyboard in a book.
Watch this space :)



pancake said...

Mrs L is there a problem with the creative living forum? can't seem to get it to load?

MrsL said...

It's been on and off for weeks now, so I've moved it If you were a registered ember you should have had an e-mail with a link to the new one, but here it is:

See youover there! :)

pancake said...

I was but I think it was on my old email addy, manythanks