Monday, 24 June 2013

My moon moment................

When I went to bed last night there was no sign of the full moon at all - thick cloud blanketed the sky completely. I drifted off to sleep..............  I woke suddenly at 1.46am to be greeted with the sight of the beautiful moon shining brilliantly, framed neatly by one of the small panes in my window; the room was flooded with moonlight (I leave the curtains open at night usually).  Breathtakingly beautiful, I actually said 'Wow!'.  I made my wish. Wisps of dark grey cloud scudded across, and a little under 15 minutes later, she disappeared from view again.  When I woke again at 5, there was the most beautiful lavender coloured cloud  in view, never seen one like that, I watched until it dispersed and it turned into a beautiful summer morning - sunshine and a fresh breeze, trees whispering and birds singing.
I feel privileged.


Simone said...

You describe it so beautifully.

MrsL said...

Thankyou Simone :)