Friday, 19 July 2013

Bit of retail therapy (and more) - MrsL style

First stop of the afternoon was my wonderful tip - yielded a good haul as usual :)  3 books - an old household encyclopedia (not sure of date, possibly from beginning of 20thC,Women -An illustrated Treasury (paintings of women and quotes from women), Silk Dreams, Troubled Road (travel book).  next in the pot was a terracotta breadwarmer and a silver toast rack (destined for selling) , 4 wee teddies that I will remove the terrible clothing from and knit them wee Fair Isle sweaters and sell them too, a bamboo mat for felt making and a big box of gem tumbling equipment, complete with various stones, but requiring a motor (shouldn't be too hard to find) - all for the princely sum of £2!
I then went into the library intending to hire a film for the weekend, but came out with half a dozen books instead.* It's been so long since I've been in there, though, that my card wouldn't work, and I had to get a new one - books on making sausages, making all sorts of bread, feltmaking, watercolour painting, and Nigel Slater's Kitchen diaries.
Next stop was the garage for an ice lolly lol, before the doctor's appointment, which went better than I thought lol. Then it was on to the Co-op to do some shopping, bagged lots of reduced stuff and a small bottle of Jura malt whisky- my sort of shopping!
On sitting down with a much needed beer, I perused the Poultry & Livestock  section of our local paper - I'm off to pick up 8 new-to-me chickens on Sunday to replenish by badger ravaged stock. 
A thoroughly good haul I think :)

Should have gone to Specsavers - I picked up a free copy of what I thought was Nature Times, turns out it's Mature Times lol  No matter, I will still read it, do the prize crossword and make it inot fuel for the stove.  Free is good :)



Badger said...


Its just shop shop shop with you

Some People have more money than sense


Blue Shed Thinking said...

Library visits are part of our Saturday routine, though I might renew online this weekend, as the new library's heating and cooling system was probably designed for public transport (ie - doesnn't work).

At present thumbing through Food In England and the Roccoco chocolate book.

Julie Lockett said...

Nice haul Sarah x

nilly said...

I treasure a comment in our local paper which described a nearby beauty spot as being frequented by "mature lovers" - a misprint for nature lovers, of course.
Love reading your blog & useful tips.

Melanie said...

How many bargains. We'll done you. xxx

a.rogue (Alice) said...

Love a bargain - and a good chuckle! Mature Times indeed... I have made that kind of mistake myself :)

Jo said...

Can I ask how you will make the paper into fuel? Do you just roll it into a "log" or do you do something else?

We are very seriously considering installing a wood burner for next winter and all info from experienced people is welcome at the moment : )

MrsL said...

I have a couple of paper log makers I have acquired over the years; you tear u the paper and soak it, squeeze it and pack it into the log makers, press it, then turn them out, stack loosely and leave to dry. They burn long and well, on the Rayburn too. Well worth doing in my experience. The gadgets can be bought from various 'green' outlets, online too, possibly e-bay, or try Freecycle, notice in Post Office etc. They're one of those things that folk think are a good idea at the time, but may become too much effort, so will be lurking in a loft/shed somewhere.
Hope that helps :)