Friday, 27 September 2013

Mellow fruitfulness and seasonal doings

I really dislike the word 'chore', as it sounds as if it's a thing you don't enjoy doing, so I  tend to use the word doing/s instead :) There are very few doings I don't actually enjoy......
One of today's is sorting and washing the apples for a couple of gallons of cottage cider

Outside, I have planted out wallflowers and spring cabbages. There are more apples to be gathered in and the patch right outside the back door tidied and the plants sorted and some bought under cover for the winter. I need to check the sloe tree too later on, strawberries to plant out and harvest the hops.
Nature continues to surprise and delight - this  nicotiana is in full flower in a quiet corner

Later, I need to go out and buy some glass vases for my hyacinth bulbs and get them going for the winter, sort out the garlic ready for planting next week and get some gin to make some more damson gin. I will invest in some leek plants too, as I missed sowing them this year due to illness.
Always something to be done, I love it :)

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