Saturday, 5 October 2013

Basket case.................

I love baskets. I have a lot of them, and I use them all - storage, project bags, shopping, books, papers, everything.  Sometimes a particular basket catches my eye and is so pleasing it has to come home with me; such was the case today, found in a charity shop in Wareham. The colours are more vibrant than the camera has picked up, and it has a long single handle. Just perfect.

I took the chance to visit the wee market being held down by the quay too; a really wonderful little fruit and veg stall, with all sorts of rarely seen things to buy.
This was my shopping this afternoon:

Plus a couple of walnut and cheese loaves and a  cider apple loaf, being sold off cheaply towards the end of the afternoon. I sat and had a pint watching the ducks and swans on the river in the autumn sunshine. Wareham is a lovely wee town, first time I've actually been there for a decent length of time. Very pretty houses, good pubs and the wee market, boats, swans and ducks too.


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