Monday, 14 October 2013

Prickly customers

Here are my newly re-potted cacti   :)   I'm not a huge fan of cactus and succulent plants, truth be told, but I picked these up at the tip about 3 years ago, saving them from being tipped into the compost skip, poor things. They came in wee blue ceramic bowls, which they seemed happy enough in. I put them outside this year for the summer and they've really grown on well, so decided to re-pot them to see them through the next couple of years.  I bought cheery wee striped buckets for them and think they look great. Not sure I'll ever be adding to the collection, but I like these well enough now :)


karenjane said...

I cant believe some-one could throw them out, do they not know of charity shops or freecycle/Freegle
Its ever so hard to post comments on your blog, the prove your not a robot thing....and I quite understand why you have that, is very difficult to read, I often give up.....shall persist.

MrsL said...

Hi karenjane , thanks for your comment. They weren't thrown out as such, taken down there to put out on the tables for selling - I buy a lot of stuff from there as you know!
Am sorry about the posting thing, it used to be completely open until I get a few narky comments from anonymous - who seemed to have been a FB friend. It was my way of trying to stop anonymous comments. Will have another look at it though, I promise