Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Back to slow.............

Been a bit of a weekend what with one thing and another; Saturday was all day at the Guild of WSD, shared a selling table and made a wee bit of money, bought some lovely stuff too, then was the lunch and AGM.  Sunday I visited the local garden centre's award wining Christmas display - while I don't do Christmas any more, there are some very beautiful things to covet and inspire as you walk through the themed areas. 

I did buy him, though, couldn't resist him!

Yesterday was a family funeral down in Hampshire - very difficult for a lot of reasons, namely family issues; let's just say ma glad I can choose my friends lol  Anyhoo, done and over now, was lovely to see my three favourite cousins again.
Today is the back to slow bit; I now find myself well enough to fully get back into the household stuff- cleaning out, feeding and watering the animals, getting the logs in and lighting the stoves, emptying the water butt from the washing machine - all the heavy stuff I have been unable to do for so long now. It feels good, and I really think I'm more or less mended now

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