Thursday, 2 January 2014

Kitchen day

Various bits to catch up on now that the holidays are gone.  I started by stoking up the Rayburn and roasted a huge chicken and a piece of beef that I got half price last week; boiled a pan of tatties for potato salad will add in shallot and gherkin later, so will be a cold supper tonight.

I raided the fruit bowl next, to use up soft and squishy things - some lovely large pears were a bit soft, so carefully peeled then and poached them with a little butter; I think I'll make a crumble, pear is one of my favourites.

Anything else needing used up went into the pot for a new gallon of fruit bowl wine, which is now on the low end to dissolve the sugar

Add in laundry, sorting through the veg basket, knitting, coffee, bit of internet and a snoring dog, then I don't mind if the threatened rain is imminent. It's cosy in here and my favourite room in the house

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Ali said...

Love days like that :-)