Saturday, 8 March 2014


A beautiful sunny spring day here in the Vale - was enjoying sitting out in the garden until next door came out with his drill.................   never mind, will soon be away from it!  Have done washing and hung it out, another load in; got supper prepared and into the oven - hake steaks with white wine and wild garlic, with roasted vegetables

Yesterday's trip to recycle the milk bottles and paper proved fruitful, yielding a few wee things for packing away to take with me' a very beautiful ceramic pan (not sure I'll risk it on the heat), a pretty blue cup and three saucers, two sets of gingham patterned cutlery and two little painted metal holders for tealights, destined for the garden.

Beautiful  British tulips bought yesterday, such pretty colours :)

Fist of the wild garlic on the chopping board

My cream wool has arrived for my crochet blanket, so will be able to get on and start edging the squares in a minute, with a cup of tea.


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