Thursday, 20 September 2007

Life as yoghurt commercial

I often come across women who think their lives should resemble life in a yoghurt commercial; you know the thing I mean - ever-happy , shiny children, sparkly clean house, organiser calendar, with items "blocked in", time for this, time for that, day for organised "activities", all neat and tidied within an inch of everybody's lives.............
Well, in my experience, life isn't like that, and neither should it be. Life is for living, and a good healthy dose of spontaneity wouldn't go amiss in a lot of peoples' lives.
I do have priorities, but not, I feel at the expense of making the most of what life offers me and going with the flow. It would be nice to see more people throw away the shackles of convention and let their hair down from time to time and just let things unfold as they will.
That's my thought for the day..........

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