Monday, 15 October 2007

Blog Action Day today!! Theme - the environment.

I have always been interested in what is now called "the environment" and "environmental issues". Brought up mainly in the countryside in south west Scotland, the environment was right out there, on our doorstep- countryside, seashore, woods and forests, lochs and glens, machair, the lot.
My family had always been as self sufficient/self reliant as possible, and I think I have gone a long way in carrying on this family trait or tradition, call itw hat you will. Very few of my decdisions are actually made without considering in some way, the impact on the planet, other people, animal welfare, etc. Sounds grand, but that's the way it is with me.

I see recently feeling of hopelessness and despair around - how can the little things people do affect the whole planet? What's the point of recycling? Why bother when so many don't/won't? Well, as far as I'm concerned every little done will help, must help...............

If everyone in the UK did something as simple as change to energy efficient bulbs - not too costly, easy to find, easy to fit, then that would have a huge impact.

As for me, I keep on keeping on..........................gardening organically, growing and eating good food, recycling, reducing consumption, going non- electric with a view to going off-grid, buying second hand, reading, keeping informed, keeping in constant touch with like minded people with a positive attitude.

You don;t have to live in the countryside on a smallholding and raise livestock and grow vegetables - you can effect change wehrever you live, with every decision you make. make your choices count - I do.

Nice to have a chance here on Blog Action Day to clarify my thoughts.......

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Leanne said...

Afternoon! I have just caught up with your posts, as my pc was only showing your posts up to the end of september and nothing since! thats why I looked blank on saturday when you mentioned the pub ghost- i hadnt read it as it wasnt showing for me!! I think Ive sorted it now,a nd will keep up better!!

along with pub ghosts, think we've got pc gremlins!!

leanne x