Thursday, 31 January 2008

Just as forecast..............

Wet here this morning, and quite windy for down here, not too pleasant out there. Founbd a gap in the rain and got the last two apple trees in and replanted another one. Hens not impressed with the rain, and the ducks don't like the wind. Finishing off the dyeing in the kitchen - doing some alkanet at the moment, most peculiar smell, not very nice, but should give a nice grey/purple colour. I might put some cotton in after. Teh onionskin cotton has turned out a very pretty butter yellow colour, so pelased with that. Fruit cocktail wine fizzing away nicely, need to do some bread this afternoon, and some marmalade. Quilt square to fit in somewhere along the line too.
I picked a few snowdrops for the hall corner - I have a tiny shelf where I like to have a little seasonal something on display. I picked some young euphorbia shoots, and whilst I'm OK with the sap on my skin, I think I've rubbed my eye - it's hot and streaming. Should take more care, but they do look pretty.

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