Friday, 1 February 2008


The Anglo Saxons called it cake month Solmonath, because cakes and other offerings were presented to the gods at this time.
February is renowned for having the most unpleasant weather of the year. Rain and snow are welcomed by farmers, however, to prepare the ground for sowing and germination. February fill dyke, be it black or be it white, but if it be white, it's the better to like. If in FEbruary there be no rain, 'tis neither good for hay nor grain. Much February snow a fine summer doth show. Unseasonably fine and warm weather is not a good omen of things to come - all the months of the year curse a fair Februeer.

Well, looks fine so far out of the window - the sun is out and shining, but a bit chilly. February already, month of pancakes and small boy's birthday....................

February comes in like a sturdy country maiden, with a tinge of theh red, hard winter apple on her healthy cheek, and as she strives against the wind, wraps her russet-coloured cloak well about her, while with bent head, she keeps throwing back the long hair that blows about her face, and though at times half blinded by the sleet and snow, still continues her course courageously.........the mellow-voiced blackbird and teh speckle-breasted thrush make music among the opening blossoms of the blackthorn, to gladden her way; and she sees faint flushings of early buds here and there, which tell her the long miles of hedgrows will soon be green.

Chambers Book of Days 1864

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