Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Gentlemen of the road...........

............. in a manner of speaking! Bean and I ventured into town yesterday; on Tuesdays we have the choice of two buses - one a private company, the other the service bus - all other days, just the one bus. We caught the earlier of the two, which promptly broke down two villages up the road. He phoned in for help, but would be a while, so we jumped off and caught the second one about 20 minutes later as it came by; the company were phoned and told to look out for us waiting in a gateway opposite the farm! The new driver waived the fare, and on the way back, with the original (now fixed) bus and driver, he waived the return fare due to the inconvenience. No inconvenience for us really, we were just going into town for a wander, but it's nice to know in this day and age that people can be so generous hearted, and it's sad that I have to mention that it's nice because it is sadly quite unusual.
Cold and foggy here this morning; friend visiting this afternoon, so need to get my skates on and get organised. Hahahahaha, that's very unlikely!!! :0)

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kathyann said...

Sounds like they need to buy in some new buses!The older buses here had a habit of breaking down,but with competition from another firm, they bought some swanky new one!Nice one! they let you off the fare,its so good to hear acts of kindness for a change!
Love from Kathyann and the girls