Monday, 25 February 2008

Cold and frosty

....morning again here - below zero still as I type this; haven't been oustide yet, but it'll be more defrosting of drinkers and no bees flying - hope they're safe and warm. Manic few days away from the house, lovely to be back with few commitments this week, so can get on with things. Treated myself to a couple of things (well, more than a couple.......) yesterday whilst out; I got my long-awaited money throug, so bought a beautiful bowl, some perfume (very rare treat, that) and went into a handy nursery to buy a couple of pots of snowdrops and came out having spent 42.00 pounds - ah well, all good bargains, and plants are long-term investments, as I told my OH :0) will post about the plants on the garden blog

Lots of tidying and cleaning to catch up on - would much rather be doing something else, but it really is a bit desperate here again.

We visited Bealieu yesterday for EJ's birthday - enjoyed looking around the Victorian kitchen again, recognising some of my own stuff!!


Leanne said...

happy (belated) birthday to EJ

at first I thought that the second photo was your 'new' old mangle- and was deeply jealous!! isnt it fabulous? :-)

Leanne x

MrsL said...

I'm hoping it might be similar! Will have to wait and see, but Jill thinks it might need new rollers, but that shouldn't be too hahrd to organise.