Friday, 29 February 2008

A day of Grace

An extra day, a day of Grace. It falls today, on a Friday this Leap year, so usual Friday tasks ahead for me, but would like to do smoething different this evening, but not sure what! Notable births for this date include Ann Lee (Mother Ann) of the Shakers, 1736 and the Italian composer Gioacchino Rossini in 1792.

We have a new bird on the block; I was up the top feeding the livestock when the young cock pheasant popped over the fence, completely unperturbed by my presence, and helped himself to breakfast - he's still there now. Last year, the pair that live over the field behind us had 3 young - two hens and a cock, I think this is the cokc bird - very bright and handsome. The birds don;t seem to mind him, although William Barnes (the cockerel) had a run at him. He seems more nervous of the ducks. So much for biosecurity - very difficult when you live amongst open farmland.

I picked the first of the daffodils for indoors yesterday, they really brighten up the corner of the hall. Friday tasks - clean the fridge, check the vegetable and fruit baskets, library and shopping.

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