Thursday, 27 March 2008

27th March............

...on this day, the shoelace was said to have been invented in 1790, as an alternative to buckles for fastening footwear. So, there you go :0)Also, in 1871, Scotalnd defeated England by one try in the first ever international rugby match.

Lovely day here, after yesterday's blustery rain and cold drizzle - will get outside and do some sorting and planting in the garden, washing out and a bit of housework. Off out tonight to an am-dram production, helping with the costumes, behind the scenes, should be fun. Think I might prefer a hot bath and bed, but will enjoy it when I get there :)

The boot sale on Sunday yieleded a couple of nice things - lovely sandwich plate by Falconware, three new auriculas, some nice silver earrings; not many sellers there due to the weather, but worth going. Also got two boxes of pastels, so need to get back into that at some point. Yesterday went and trawled a couple of my favourite charity shops; got a couple fo knitting books for e-bay and some for myself, also a very pretty skirt and lace top, and two very sweet mugs with cats and pigs on - brand new, 25p only. With Bean at college on Tuesday night, I went in with them, with the intention of gettings oem strawberry plants at B&Q. However, Lidl had them at 1.49 for 6 plants, so bought two dozen of them, and some pretty oxalis bulbs. Treated myself to a very nice stainless steel trowel in B&Q, and a couple of other bits. I just need to get everything planted/sorted now - that's the hard bit.
Bad cold has receeded now, so feeling more energetic - might even clean the bathroom!

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