Monday, 31 March 2008

Last day of March..........

.... and a beautiful one so far too. Well, the am dram thing was a bit shambolic; got there all prepared to help out, but due to a lack of communication and unclear e-mails, turns out we were not needed after all. So, we sat in at the backa nd watched the production, and very good it was too - good sets and costumes, excellent acting, humourous play - Lettice and Lovage. Someone is after Bean to have a small part in the next production too, so that's good. As a result, we were able to stay at home on the Friday and Saturday nights. usual Friday things on Friday, got the little blue and white hen at the tip, along with a good Christmas craft book; also a very useful galvanised pipe-fed drinker which is destined for the goat pen later on. The sandwich plate is the one I got at the boot sale last week, so pretty. Saturday was Guild day - the talk was "Heartfelt" by felt worker Teresa Searle

Nice work, very colourful, lovely embroidered felt applique pieces. The full length coats were stunning in the slides. Restricted myself to two skeins of wool from the sales table! Got details of an interesting vintage fabric etc sale coming up in Poundbury, so inveigled OH into taking a day off and pootling up there - garden centre and pub nearby! That means I can go to the Guild committee meeting later that day too, so lots of birds there.

Yesterday was lovely - like summer - so spent most of the day out int he garden - details on the garden blog if you are interested. I need to get out there with the camera again, lots coming up all over the place.

Bean is off for a life model session this morning with an art group over the other side of Dorchester - should be fun, and she gets paid for it! Housework for me, then a bit outside I hope, interspersed with washing.....

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