Monday, 7 April 2008

Monday again..........

.......comes round fast!! Spent the day indoors eysterday, apart from livetock duties, as it was sol cold. It snowed on and off most fo the day too, and the wind got up towards the end of the afternoon. Did a major de-clutter in the bedroom and got a lot of craft stuff up to the cabin at last, where it will eventually get a final sort out, and we'll go from there. It's made a big difference in the bedroom and on the landing; the cupboard where I keep my fabric stash for quilting is almost overflowing, so that needs sorting out too, and the fabrics pressed and stcked neatly, so I can see what I actually have. I did find quite a few things I'd forgotten about too, which was nice.

Woke up to more snow here this morning, and it's cold out there. Off up to see the livestock in a minute - the goats were funny yesterday, eating the snow.......:0) Just more tidying today, bit of cleaning, usual house stuff.

got these two little gems from the tip on Friday; the spotty jug is some of the pottery made in Torquay, but I can't read the name on the bottom as it is worn off. The little pot is just th eprettiest thing I've seen for a long time, gorgeous colours.

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Devon Dumpling said...

I believe it to be a Torquay Ware Babbacombe Blue Polka Dot Jug...hope this helps!