Saturday, 7 June 2008

Goat news

The girlies have had their Blue Tongue vaccination; I met a friend in the pub on Monday evening, and she has a farm, with a lot of animals to vaccinate, so said she and her husband would coem along and do mine for me, after they had done theirs. Negated a lot of problems for me, and made the task much easier and straight forward, so they have now been "done". Don't think they enjoyed it much though..............:0) Now need to contact the vet and cancel my order of vaccine, but a relief it is done, and by an experienced person who knew what he was doing. About time I posted up a recent pic of the girlies - will do tomorrow. Ah - I've found one!

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kathyann said...

Morning Mrs L,What a stroke of luck, that saved you so much hassle and as you say the girlies who I might say look gorgeous are done now till the next time!!!
Love from Kathy and the girls