Sunday, 1 June 2008


Definitely summer, but has been for a couple of weeks to my mind, but that's just me! Well, June is here, not long until the longest day now; garden is going great guns, lots of wildlife about doing their thing, huge amount of flwoers intt he garden, everything being as it should.

Pottered yesterday instead of going to the Guild day and spreading germs about - Bean and A coped admirably without me, I understand, so that was good. Bean did a mini workshop on designing a warp in the Fibonacci sequence (sp?), which was quite interesting - wonder if you could apply it to knitting? Spent a pleasant hour outisde with a cup of coffee and several boxes of seeds; now very well sorted into coming up to sow time, and put away for next year, with a few that need to go in today, mainly flowers to fill gaps and help the veg along. Tasted the first gooseberry, still a way off, but plenty of elderflowers at their best now, so need to harvest somem this afternoon, and cut down the encroaching nettles from the hive. thinking a lot about Barbara Kingsolver's book, inspired to get some meat chickens up and running, so will hopefully collect the coop tonight and get the broody hen moved and installed. Looks like a very good crop of blackcurrants on the way, and still lots of rhubarb to pull, first sweet peas almost there, and first flowers on new potatoes, squashes and pumpkins romping away, tomato flowers all over the place. I need to get the ornamental gourds out before they take over the greenhouse! Lots of salad leaves for picking, and the broad beans are starting to set; seeds of kohl rabi, red cabbage and cavelo nero now through, so will need pricking out this week, and mroe cabbages to sow and go in to the beds; spring cabage probably ready for cutting, a little late, but they've done well for me. Beans unslugged so far, which is good, the black runners are ready to go out too. It's all go......

Sumer is icumen in,

Lhude sing cuccu!

Groweth sed and bloweth med,

And springeth teh wude nu.

Anon, c 1250

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