Wednesday, 23 July 2008

From the garden today

Hurray - the first tomatoes are ready; picked these this morning, one split on the way to the kitchen (honest!), so had to eat it - warm, ripe, juicy, sweet. Can't beat the first one of the year.......

In praise of the calendula

One of my very favourites in the garden; beautiful, simple flowers, in an array of oranges and yellows; useful as well as beautiful. Named for its propensity to bloom almost ine very month of the calendar. Useful as a soothing addition to lotions, potions and creams, for facial washes, dried in home made soaps; fresh petals in salads, fruit salads, cakes and biscuits, preserves; extraordinarily beautiful left to self-seed around the garden, especially in the veg beds, where they are at their best among the brassicas. Lovely as a fresh and vibrant cut flower for the house. What more could you ask from a flower?

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