Tuesday, 22 July 2008

More on the non-shop shopping........

Seems to be going well, OH very pleased with results, both gastronomic and monetary! I have instantly knocked 30 - 40 pounds off the weekly shop. Any remaining money from the set amount he gives me on a Friday is mine, so I usually manage to wander past the vintage jewellery stall every week :0) It's an investment, you see.......;0)
One thing I did find last Friday was rose veal, so we had that last night, first time I've had veal. Marinated in a little olive oil, lemon zest and thyme, then cooked with a dash of water and juice of half a lemon, sauce finished with cream; it was lovely with vegetable rice.

Not sure what's on the cards for today, but it will involve more decluttering and sorting out, cleaning, etc, and I need to fit some soap making in there somewhere too!


Pixiedust said...

That sounds really tasty. I wish I was over yours for dinner. I still haven't started making any soap yet. I've got as far as getting a book.

Mrs C said...

Great reading about your non-shop shopping and particularly impressed at how much money you seem to be saving - fantastic news!