Monday, 29 September 2008


Monday morning again :) I quite like Mondays, although I know a lot don't. Fair enough, I don't have to out to work, or spend the day in a place I'd rather not be in (as a rule), but I always see Monday as the start of the week - five days of activity around the home and garden, making, baking, cleaning, general work to keep bodies and souls together. I think I was born to be a house-bod! :) Weekends are for going out usually, visitng the library, foraging, things away from the house; I'm usually ready for a weekend after 4 or 5 days at home (I don't drive, through choice), so I enjoy both the weekends and the weekdays, they have their separate rhythms.
Having a new start to the week also gives you a chance to re-invent yourself, should the need arise! For instance, you could say "This week, I will try and stick to a routine for housework, I will catch up on the ironing, I will spend at least an hour a day as "me" time", or whatever needs to be addressed; Sunday to think about it, then from Monday to put it into action. If it doesn't quite work out, there's always another Monday along a week later to try again. An added attraction of Mondays for me is that it is knitting group in the pub in the evening - two hours of knitting and yakking, over a beer, and just over the road from the house. An excellent end to a Monday, I always think!

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aromatic said...

Very inspiring.. and just what I needed to read this morning... Its given me a kick in the butt (pardon the pun) to jump into some much needed action. I have gotten into a bad rut of late and to read how you get on with you week was just what I needed to put some life back into my poor routine!!
Love your perfect end to Monday.. I can knit but very badly.. but for yourself who is a superb knitter... what a great night out.. knitting, yakking and a pint (or maybe half?) and just over the road.. can't be bad!!
Have a good day, a great week and enjoy your night out!!

Jane xxx