Saturday, 4 October 2008

So...........what can you buy for 50p?

Not much you would think - just about get a small bar of chocolate, or a bag of crisps, maybe? One apple? A newspaper? Depends what you look for, and where you look. For 3 x 50p yesterday, I found these treasures. The first is a very pretty porcelain cup, I estimate quite old, and beautifully repaired; you can see daylight through the porcelain it's so fine. I love the repairs - a good honest repair, and I am pleased to think I now own something that someone loved and took enough pride in to get it mended so. The brooch is of one of my favourite flowers - the blue Tibetan poppy. This is from the 1930s, and belonged to the mother of the stallholder I bought it from; it's well worn, the paint is rubbed off in parts, the colour fading. Very unusual, I love it, and will wear it often. The third is a crochet runner in white cotton; I'm hoping it will fit over the pine chest of drawers on the ktichen when I move it about next week to another part of the kitchen.
Treasures for small outlay, the best kind, and things with soul too. So, a lot for my 50ps. Thrilled to bits with my finds.


Bovey Belle said...

That's £1.50 well spent Sarah! I have a lovely blue and white Victorian teapot which was obviously someone's dear favourite as when it was dropped and broke in half, it too, was stapled back together. The little cup is so dainty. The poppy brooch is very unusual and very suitable for you with your love of all things Tibetan. As for the runner, I have a drawer full of things like that and still I am drawn to more - the craftsmanship which went into making them should not be ignored.

H said...

What beautiful finds! I love the cup, I have a growing collection of pretty old cups and saucers. One day I am going to have a tea party and use them all!

Hannah x