Sunday, 11 January 2009

Bits and bobs for a Sunday morning

Not so cold here today, no thick white frost outside, but a decent enough breeze for some washing, I hope; how DOES that mountain get so big so quickly, eh?

I have some mistletoe berries to deal with imminently; I always save them and try getting them to take on one of the apples here, but no luck so far. Thye come from local mistletoe, but it's said they do best on the same tree they came from, and that I do not know. however, undaunted, I'll be havng another go! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your own mistletoe in your garden?

today's main undertaking is making the window quilt for the back window int he kitchen. I have the blocks done, now needs sashing and putting together, with tab tops, then MrL will do the technical bits to make it go up and down. That's as far as my technical knowledge goes, I'm afraid, but the blocks are pretty LOL. I will need a major decluttering of the kitchen table before I can get to sew, though, so that's due in a minute.

I found some lovely wool very cheap in our local wool/fabric shop, so bought what they had of the light pink to make some mittens, which I made last night whilst watching the wonderful Neil Oliver in his programme on Scottish history -something worthwhile watching on a Saturday night fo rm - almost unheard of. LOL

Otherwise today, just need to get the cheese in the strainer, not sure what else, but I'm sure it will involve the teapot!!


allybea said...

Ooh, please do a post on how to grow mistletoe. I rescued a sprig and was wondering if I could try and grow my own. Lovely mittens!

Pixiedust said...

Hi Mrs l,

Love the mittens. I really must learn to knit. Hope the mistletoe works out. I'm just about to scan your blog for your lemon curd receipe. I had it written down but can't find it anywhere. xxx

Rowan said...

I'd love to have mistletoe on one of my apple trees, hope you're successful this time. I missed the Neil Oliver programme, shall have to check for repeats - I've liked him ever since Two Men in a Trench.