Monday, 12 January 2009

My Sunday in pictures part I

Yesterday didn't really turn out out be one of my more restful Sundays after all. It was the intention to get on and finally put together the window quilt. However, I got hold of an amount of half price cream on Friday, so I made butter; then I made cheese; got some cottage cider into demi-johns, made another 1 1/2 gallons ( apple mountain is slowly going down LOL); prepared and cooked pheasants. Then my friend dropped round to sort out some knitting I'm doing for her daughter, who had bought the wrong type of wool for the pattern, so we had a cup of tea, etc etc etc, by which time it was time to get supper on the go, so the quilt bits are looking accusingly at me from the kitchen table this morning! Ah well, they're not going anywhere, so I hope to get to grips with it later today. It's a lot milder here today, so the window quilt urgency is postponed for a short time. Still needs to be done though.


Eileen said...

Wow, you are so ambitious -do you make all your own butter??? I've made it at school with kids before just to show them how much work it is....never had pheasant, how does it differ from chicken, duck????

MrsL said...

I make a lot of our butter, Eileen, when I can. I started off about 20 eyars ago making it in the Kenwood mixer, but since I'm getting well down the non-electric road, I've been using the churn I luckily found on Freecycle a couple of years or so ago. You really can't beat the taste of the fresh butter, it's wonderful.
A link for the mixer butter is here:

It is hard work, but I sit at the ktichen table with a cup of tea, so it's not unpleasant!

Pjeasant has a stringer more gamey taste than chicken,more like duck. It can be dry, so I usually do something like braising to keep it moist.

MrsL said...

Shold have added - I buy up the cream when it is cheap; an hour or so at theh churn, and you have enough butter to freeze - it freezes well.