Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Blueberry and buttermilk pancakes

8 oz plain or self raising flour
1 large egg
buttermilk to mix
handful of blueberries
Place flour into a large bowl and add the egg; mix well, then add buttermilk until the consistency of double cream; beat well, then carefully stir in the blueberries.
Grease/oil your girdle/stove top/heavy frying pan and let it get nice and hot. Drop spoonfuls on, and leave to cook about 1 minute or so until the bubbles rising to the top start to burst, then flip them over and leave another minute or so to cook the other side. Lift and cool wrapped in a clean teatowel. Best eaten on the same day, but that's not a problem really LOL
They work just as well with ordinary milk, or with milk soured by a squeeze of lemon juice. Nice for breakfast, or just with fresh butter.
ps - you'll need a napkin for the blueberry dribbles!!


Eileen said...

Yummmm, my husband's favourite breakfast....with tea of course and real maple syrup!

MrsL said...

Ah maple syrup ! One of my all-time favourites; shop was out of stock last time I tried to buy it though:( Will have another try tomorrow.
I have bought some seeds of the right tree, but not sure whether I'll still be around to tap it when it's mature enough; good fun, though.