Monday, 19 January 2009

Spring is on her way............

The days are lightening perceptibly now; I don't need to shut up the hens and feed the goats until about 5pm now, it's really heartening! Still a bit of winter to go, and the weather people forecast a really cold blast in February, but I'll deal with that when it happens.

In the meantime, these little beauties are out on the kitchen windowsill


I haven't really got a gardener LOL. MrL has taken it upon himself, with my approval, of course, to do some "cutting back" in the front garden. I'll admit there was a bit of pruning and tidying to do, but I quite like it a bit wild and woolly............... In his enthusiasm he has removed my viburnum shrub - the one with the snowball flowers on, and yesterday he dug up a rare rose that *HE* paid 18.00 for on a special order at a specialist rose nursery for me ( should have seen his face when I told him that bit!!) Sadly, the viburnums eems to have been burned or whatever, so I need to get another one and replant in exactly the same place - I could see it from the kitchen window and it had just found it feet and was starting to flower well. I managed to wrest the green rose from the wheel barrow, bit mangled, but with a flower attached - not bad for through the winter. I can't remember its Latin name offhand, but the flower is green tinged with red and I think it's pretty in an exhuberent, eccentric sort of way, although probably not everyone's idea of a rose, ot to everyone's taste! It comes from China originally, but Cranborne Manor were kind enough to order one in for me, and I then had an excuse to visit their rather lovely garden centre, didn't I?

It's on my to do list for this morning to pot it up and murture it back to health, and again, replant it.

On a good note, he has cleared and dug over parts of the borders under the kitchen window, so I can get the very last of the bulbs in that are hanging around still.

This is the rose

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thesnailgarden said...

Oh dear, your husband sounds just like mine! My OH is banned from touching our garden, except under strict supervision. He is allowed up the allotment and last year I left him in control of the potatoes. The result ... he killed them off! I still can't understand how! Hope your rose survives. I planted a snowball bush in my garden, 2 years ago, but sadly it didn't flower last year.

Best wishes, Pj x