Sunday, 15 February 2009

Serendipity on wheels.................

We went out yesterday, with only a couple of things in mind to do; sometimes, though, the best days happen when done on the spur of the moment. Yesterday was one such day.

We did a couple of things, then were headed up to Win Green hill, up past Ashmore, the highest village in Dorset. We were surprised to see a fair bit of snow still lying on the verges and in the fields. REaching teh track that takes you up on to the hilltop, we found it still covered in hard packed ice, so didn;t even attempt it. There was one silly so and so sliding about, after trying to get up, but we turned around and headed for Compton Abbas airfield for a cup of hot coffee. Lots of activity on the airfield; the one above with teh blakc and white nose is a Yak (short for the Russian name of this plane), which does ariel stunts, but had just landed when we got there, and was being parked up. (Is parked up the right aviation term? Not sure.............LOL) Teh little blue bi-plane was rather nice too. The view over the airfield and away is towards Shaftesbury, up there on its hills. MrL's aviatorial hankering sated for the moment, we went on to Sixpenny Handley to the Walnut Tree craft shop - lots of very nice things, well worth a look, I've been meaning to visit for a long time. Then, on to Cranborne Manor Garden Centre, one of my all-time favourites, where we treated ourselves to some plants for the newly re-jigged fornt garden, where there's lots of room for planting :)Came home tired but happy, and spent half an hour this afternoon planting out the snowdrops and Rip van Winkle daffodils, and placing the shrubs in their prospective places to see how they look. I got two new rhubarb crowns too, so they will go into some new tyre towers tomorrow, and I've nerines and lily of teh valley to plant too. I got 8 types of chilli sown today in the kitchen, where they will stay until the weather warms up considerably.

Finally, here's a picture of my shawl I finished:


Leanne said...

Sarah, Ive seen lots of your knitting in the flesh so to speak, and its all wonderful, but this takes the trophy, its soo beautiful- she is wearing a rainbow!

Leanne x

La Ferme de Sourrou said...

What a wonderful shawl !