Friday, 13 February 2009

Victorian Farm

This is a wonderful 6 part series shown on BBC2, the last episode being shown last night. A lovely, gentle, informative, funny, thought provoking porgramme, with presenters who were genuinely enthusiastic about what they were doing, baulked at nothing and just got on with it. I know it was "just televeision" but they did look as though they worked hard at it all. Lots of highlights - the sewing, the piglets, reaping machine, cooking, lambing...................

a real joy tow atch, and an oasis of sanity in the week where shouting, aggression and competitiveness is the norm. I shall miss it, but I have ordered the DVD in advance, so will be able to watch it again at my leisure. Highly recommended.


lilymarlene said...

I loved every minute of it too. I saved it on the Skybox and have watched each episode at least twice (they do bear re-watching as you miss lots the first time round). I have also pre-ordered it and will watch it forever when I'm ironing. (Amazon have the best price I found)
I looked at the book too at the bookshop and I think I might buy that too.
The Wartime Kitchen and Garden which was on years ago also had a book with the series and that also proved to be a really good buy....lots of good info in there.

Jackie said...

I've just found your blog, and I love it!
But isn't funny, it does take all sorts, I LOATHED the Victorian Farm!
Mind you, our telly doesn't really do BBC2, maybe that's why I didn't like it?!

Mrs C said...

I wish I had discovered Victorian Farm sooner, but may have to get the DVD as the bits I saw I thought were fantastic!

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

I liked the series but did find some parts a bit "sloppy" and inaccurate. I also wished they had given more detail on the recipes (cooking and household). Perhaps the book will have more information - I will have to find out from some-one who buys it before I add it to my birthday present list.

Rosie x