Sunday, 8 February 2009

Saturday at home

MrL trolled off to his annual Beer Festival outing, so I stayed at home for the day. Usually, Saturday morning is spent out; as a non-driver, it's the time we go and buy animal feed, bales of straw, visit the garden centres, that sort of thing. So - it was nice yesterday to spend some time at home on a Saturday - a completely different atmosphere and feeling to other days in teh week. Beautiful weather, so teh washing went out, and theh ducks and chickens spent the day scratching around and sunbathing, despite the patches of snow still lying around.

Little fintpots in the snow - fintpots is a lovely word invented by Bean when she was very small , and we all use it now LOL

This is one of my little Light Sussex bantams, Margo; her sister is Barbara, but she wasn't around when the camera was out!

Pile of dogwood trimmings and prunings weathering, ready for basket making. Another week or so should see them fit for use, I hope. I love the colour of these, and want to plant some different varieites this year so I can add other colours into the baskets.

Apart from in and out to the washing line etc, I spent the majority of the day in teh kitchen baking and cooking - two carrot cakes, two big gingerbreads, two trays of shortbread, 1 1/2 dozen buttermilk scones, a murgh makhani (butter chicken curry) for tea, bit pot of rice, boiled potatoes for hash and two trays of baked potatoes to use teh rest of the ehat in the oven before I turned it back down. I also had a little wine festival of my own, in among the housework, and got some knitting on one of the shawls done, plus completed one dishcloth and knitted another one - these two destined for MrL's Valentine Day present - pics here:
Wonder if he'll like them?? LOL


Pixiedust said...

Wow Mrs L, what a lot done in one day. You must have been all baked out. xxxx

oddny said...

Do yo have a carrot cake recipe that actually works? - I've tried four and they've all been raw in the middle, despite me extending the cooking times. Of course I could just be a really bad baker, lol!!