Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pottering about

Today had no real plan or structure to it, so just pottered about. I don't know how the expression came into being, but it's what I did today; baking, knitting, friend dropped in for tea and to pick up some knitting I'd done for her, started a new blog, worked ons ome other computer stuff, did some research. MrL and Bean both out tonight, so EJ and I had a change and had a cooked lunch to ourselves. I've actually achieved a fair bit *from just pottering, so maybe it's the way ahead LOL. Sometimes it's nice to forego routine and structure, variety is the spice of life and all that.

I made some lovely spicy pecans for later, loosely based on a combination of Sid Owen and Nigella Lawson's recipes, adapted to what I had in the larder. They're very good, so will enjoy a small bowlful whilst watching Victorian Farm tonight.

*no housework as such, though LOL

This is a replica of the Gunnister purse I finished this morning, from a pattern here:

Based on one excavated on Shetland in the 1950s, dating from the 17thC. Although I've alwys been interested in the historical side of knitting, like all practical things, the past fascinates me, the lives of ordinary people more so than the grand and wealthy. With the internet, there's so much information out there to use and enjoy, and I've joined several groups on Ravelry interested in historical knitting in various ways.

I like things in their place, so I started a new blog, Knitten, where I can put all my efforts and info. Find it here:

I've got a few other things lined up to, so looking forward to getting stuck into them soon.

The evenings are lighter now too, it's only just dark here now, after 6pm, I've just fed the goats and shut the chickens and ducks up for the night. I was talking to my friend about it, and we agreed it wouldn't be long until the clocks go back, only about 6 weeks now. Getting itchy fingers to get started on the garden properly - major overhaul of the vegetable beds, moving some, new ones, more of them, plus planting more fruit trees. I'm trying to sort out moving the ducks and hcikens too, plant a mini woodland and fit in a couple of pigs.

It's all go here........................

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